Detailing & Appraisals

Some say your vehicle is an extension of who you are. How you take care of it is how you take care of yourself. The team at Horsepower Motorworks pays strict attention to detail to make sure your vehicle will turn heads wherever you go! Call us to today to discuss detailing options or to schedule an appointment. 585-924-9199

  • Full interior detailing


We have over 35 years experience in the appraisal business. We will appraise any vehicle for estate and for sale purposes. We also inspect vehicles that are for sale in the area for prospective buyers.

Our appraisal service includes coming to your location, including nights and Saturdays, at your convenience. We will document your vehicle both visually (with photos) and in text. We will take multiple photos of the entire vehicle, take notes, rate the interior, exterior, engine, chassis, etc. We will then discuss all details with you, the vehicle owner. From there, we will perform extensive research on the vehicle, and then contact you to discuss. Finally, we’ll send out two copies of the appraisal, one for your records and one to submit to the insurance company or other use. Our appraisal service is a fixed fee unless the appraisal is out of the area. Call 585-924-9199 today to schedule an appointment, we’ll be happy to speak with you!